Evoke is an initiative that seeks to create a culture of idea-sharing, intellectual discovery, and open dialogue for young India by curating events and projects that educate, entertain, and mobilize in equal measure. Founded in 2012.

Evoke 2015 TEAM


Leeza is Co-President of the Columbia Alumni Association of India’s Mumbai Chapter, and a broadcast journalist

Leeza Mangaldas is Co-President of the Columbia Alumni Association of India-Mumbai chapter. She graduated from Columbia University in 2011, where she studied Literature and Visual Art. While in college she created platforms for idea sharing and open dialogue on a variety of topics, from gender to morality, from neuroscience to peace. She currently works as an actor in Mumbai, and seeks to simultaneously provide fodder to the city’s intellectual climate.


Samyak is Managing Director of Social Quotient, and a youth trends expert

Samyak Chakrabarty is amongst the country’s youngest media CEOs and an authority on youth engagement, having developed the first ever ‘Offline Social Network’ of insight seekers aimed at helping brands connect with India’s diverse youth population. He has spoken at various national and international forums on youth culture and youth related issues. He is Chief Youth Marketer at the DDB Mudra Group India, and is the co-author of ‘Generation Einstein 3.0 – India edition’.


Rahul Mehra is President of the Princeton Club of India and a hotelier.


Sharang worked on the General Election Campaign and is a former LAMP (Legislative Assistant to a Member of Parliament) fellow


Rahil is a final year student at NSS Hill Spring International School


Raul is a final year student at NSS Hill Spring International School


Preksha is a journalist and writer


For more than 250 years, Columbia University in the City of New York has been a leader in higher education in the US and around the world. At the core of the university’s wide range of academic inquiry is the commitment to attract and engage the best minds in pursuit of greater human understanding, pioneering new discoveries and service to society. The Columbia Alumni Association of India is the network of Columbia graduates based in India.

British Deputy High Commission

The British Deputy High Commission is responsible for all aspects of the relationship between the United Kingdom and India. It works to enhance the India-UK relationship so that it is stronger, wider, and deeper – generating more jobs, more growth and more security for the two nations. It works closely with India on issues as diverse as education and research, energy security and climate change, security and defence, and international relations. The two nations share the core values of democracy, pluralism and tolerance.

The Princeton Club of India

The Princeton Club of India seeks to enrich the interactions and engagement between Princeton University and India, through both the alumni community in India and current Indian students on campus, via a mix of speakers series, lectures, pan-Ivy and cross-university mixers, and community service initiatives.